Do more than a smoking brisket!

The philosophy

Born out of the passion and commitment to provide the best combi steamer solution that answer the varied needs of our customers. With emphasis on control and your cooking results in focus, Moffat offers free demonstrations to experience the abilities of the Convotherm system, hands on.


Get professional cooking instruction from industry trained chefs to help you unlock the potential of your Combi. Moffat offers Free Combi Cooking Demo’s providing face to face training in small groups or book a private class that will be tailored to your individual needs.

Combi School Will Be Back Soon!

Moffat IQ – Private Demo

Looking for a tailored experience? Book a one-on-one private cooking demo at one of our test kitchens. Our Executive Chefs will tailor a demonstration to help meet your specific goals and objectives, suitable for various size operating kitchens who are looking to explore the intrinsic features of a Combi.

Complete the form to book your private demo.

Book a Moffat IQ private demo session

Moffat IQ - Private demo

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