Model overview

MINI – maximum performance in minimum space.

The compact combi steamer to suit all requirements. The Mini series gives you a compact footprint of only 51.5cm to fit a professional combi-steamer in the smallest of kitchens. Minimum space, maximum power, the Mini range has the versatility to be used for roasting, steaming, grilling, baking, au gratin cooking, convenience deep-frying and regenerating.

  • Press&Go – Perfect results at the touch of single button
  • easyTouch touchscreen control panel gives the ultimate in user-friendliness
  • ecoCooking
  • Functions: overnight cooking, Delta-T cooking, regenerate and cookbook
  • TrayTimer for timeshift/rolling loading
  • Injection / direct steam technology generates steam very efficiently, directly in the cooking chamber
  • Save and share recipes, manually or by using a USB memory stick
  • Flexible plating rack
  • Tough door rotary lever lock with door-close function
  • Antibacterial door handle for added hygiene
  • Double glass safety door
  • Multi-point core temperature sensor
  • Space-saving fitting option
  • Plug & Play offers unlimited mobility on the mobile version

EasyDial & EasyTouch – 2 designs, 7 sizes each

All Convotherm 4 appliances comes with optimum features as standard.

  • Ground-breaking design, also ideal for front-of-house cooking
  • ACS+: perfection in the third generation
  • Space-saving footprint for a perfect fit in any kitchen*, however small
  • Doors with sure-shut function (table-top appliances only)
  • HygienicCare: antibacterial surfaces in operating areas, door handles and recoil hand shower – the new concept that promotes food safety
  • USB port integrated in the control panel
  • The “made-in-Germany“ seal of quality: our own demanding standard


For creative chefs! easyDial sets new standards in manual operation: all settings and extra functions can be selected and adjusted in one operating level and are visible at all times.

ACS+ including perfectly harmonised extra functions:

  • Crisp&Tasty – 5 moisture-removal settings
  • BakePro – 5 levels of traditional baking
  • HumidityPro – 5 humidity settings
  • Controllable fan – 5 speed settings
  • ConvoClean: the fully automated cleaning system with regular mode, with optional single-measure dispensing

EasyDial – the user interface

EasyDial is the new standard in manual operation. Thanks to the clever design of the easyDial controls you can quickly configure your own cooking profiles. All the functions are available in one level. You can see everything at a glance at all times – even from a distance – on the large brightly-lit digital display with the central Convotherm-Dial (C-Dial) controls. The TriColor indicator ring indicates the current operating status: yellow for “in preparation”, red for “in progress” and green for “ready”.

  • easyDial regenerating function: regenerate products to their peak level
  • 99 cooking profiles
  • C-Dial and TriColor: our new operating philosophy



Our concept for convenience and reliability.

The easyTouch complete package gives you a full range of impressive and practical features including a high-resolution 9″ full-touch screen and customisation options for your every need. The operating concept is incredibly easy, incorporating both established and new functions:

  • ACS+ including perfectly harmonised extra functions:
  • Crisp&Tasty – 5 moisture-removal settings
  • BakePro – 5 levels of traditional baking
  • HumidityPro – 5 humidity settings
  • Controllable fan – 5 speed settings
  • ConvoClean+: the fully automated cleaning system with eco, express and regular modes including optional single-measure dispensing
  • Ethernet / LAN interface

EasyTouch – the user interface.

As a pioneer of full-touchscreen technology in combi steamers, Convotherm has now added a new dimension to operating convenience. The Convotherm 4 easyTouch brings you the latest touch controls via the 9″ full-touch screen with new configurable user interface.

  • Press&Go: automatic cooking using quick-select buttons for optimum process reliability.
  • No need to enter information such as size, browning level or core temperature
  • Versatile regenerating function with preselect for à la carte, plate banquet and buffet
  • Manual cooking
  • Integral easySystem feature with separate Manager and Crew modes, as the ideal solution for restaurant chains.
  • Detailed servicing information so that you find the right help quickly in the event of a fault
  • 399 cooking profiles containing up to 20 steps
  • On-screen Help with topic-based video function
  • Tray Timer management system for perfect timing from top shelf to bottom
  • Cook&Hold: Automatically lowers the temperature at the end of cooking to combine cooking and holding in one process
  • Delta-T cooking / LT cooking: Ultra-gentle cooking – including overnight